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Circle of Peace homeware collection on Society6

Graphic design for Off The Wall Covering, Surface Design, Imagery & Colour for Visual Merchandise Display

Maurizio Anzeri, Visual render di Sandro Martini
Alcantara and Palazzo Reale in Milan presents the design exhibition “I saw a king”.
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Publication, Maurizio Anzeri, Book photo by Sandro Martini, The Photographer’s Gallery London, Loose Associations Vol.2 Issue ii t.p.g Available at The Photographer’s Gallery London

Ashford Castle is a medieval castle near Cong, Ireland.

Artworks by Maurizio Anzeri


Video still “On the Traces of Pocahontas”, Gravesend England


Iconic buildings, The Shard.

The ever-changing urban landscape, Berlin


NBK – Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, summer party, perfect evening weather, artwork by Jimmie Durham